Am I Alive?

by Dope KNife

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Usayd 01:40
It's the international Spitta with the passport I will never give you fuckers Anything you ask for If you get my tape Don't you ever press the fast forward Or I'm in your crib You like why you got that mask for As for The mutha fuckas hating They be losing of course Yall are rapey Sith niggas That be using the force I write rhymes Like I do it for sport I like dimes That let me cruise in they Porsche They got through a divorce Rap matador Kill the bullshit quickly The more i show out The kids diss me The best out here Now am i sure Fifth fifty The less i care Like the more chicks dig me Bitch please I'm a real African American mix breed So mutha fuckas gotta be aware Of my technique I rhyme on accident when i just speak So in the booth like I don't have to spit I could just breathe I'm autograph signing where tits be You don't wanna be Sawed in half Well it's risky Against me I'm only five six on on my tip T's A pip squeak Still chop a nigga to mince meat You shits weak I came in to Hell raise Uranium shell grade Razor that's well made To slay 'em the stealth way It's a freebee, my thoughts Are mixed and matched It's an EP fucker I'm just Spitting raps While my cynicism reaches superb I nix the criticism way before it even occurs Forgot the rest of the words Don't remember the verse I turn the rap shit Into revenge of the nerds
Astoria 02:08
The whole bars on fire Shit that's fine And yall won't hire If I did that crime And so far I'm tired Of the live fast grind But my bars are fire So I spit that rhyme I really wish i had my pops I really wish he hadn't clocked Sometimes i sit and stare at all His old ID's and scattered socks Drop a tear I catch and stop Put it behind a padded lock Think about my peoples overseas My heats a shattered box I think I ought to someone I hear it helps But getting outta this shell Is worse than fear itself So now me and my older brother Don't really talk anymore I think my father death's related But I'm not really sure I tell myself it's cause I'm busy And an I'm rocking a tour But it's more For grief Ain't no one providing a cure Suffer visibly had enough of misery Every time I make one of these songs I'm never listening
Inereyes 02:13
They giving us flack For all the shit we tagging In the city streets though I'm bare ass It's confusing all these pretty people A square path's An illusion I consider lethal One would rather die Than end up snoozing with the shitty sheeple And that's the clue that's gonna warn my motive When yall look like food, we a swarm of locust Lost my focus Drunk off of boss shit Slumped with a bird, with a rump from the cross fit Pump up the mosh pits Punks wanna cross wits We beat a Nazi's brains with a brick chucked from Auschwitz Aww shit, non violence, I'm just too forgetful But when I say stuff They don't hear it like they Lou Ferrigno Back when he use to rip clothes' I was spiting stupid sick yo Now I'm feeling jaded cause it seems as if The future's this close Eve of destruction You seeing the gumption Of these niggas trying to battle When they see you at functions I'm busy homie No pay no play No games In the booth But we just stay all day Engineer get the beats If he stays on break I need 8 more takes Till I say OK OK You lil fuckers better learn to focus And hunker down I dog dare You to let me hear Let out another sound H20, know it or not we run the town When it comes to one of the elements We don't fuck around
Doyathng 02:27
no i don't need an army of goons or no wack rnb rappin harmony tunes dope sandwich is the shit we march in the room all challengers get stick in the heart with a broom my niggas bang bang john whitters spoon stay on a mission can't hang when i'm talking to you play yo position stay in yo lane i'm takin' you name and make an ommision it's the freakazoid eat, destroy creature from the deepest void try to avoid prison casue they'd probably wanna beat the boy in more ways than one i obsorb rays of sun ain't got time to fuck around bitch my foreplays the cum i'm the lords grace i even let my boy spary the drum right in your face i'm playin yo i don't play with guns i'm the knife so i think i'd rather stab em in the neck and chest then consoul your widow, while she still all in her wedding dress the verse just took a turn you look concerned do i regret it, yes but if the rhyme is sweet you gotta speak it never second gets they said knife dawg this ain't no game you gotta a bunch of raps and don't say no thang in my defense, cause i will never take not blame i do tug at the heart strings, it's just the kano way take no breaks we eating at a mako pace i raise those stakes so i don't ever make no waste weather you straight as an arrow or rainbow gay my trans brothers and sisters and the same goes race you step to me on this mic i will break your face


The first collab between rapper Dope KNife and producer Paul Abdul


released April 2, 2021

Produced by Paul Abdul
Written, Mixed and Mastered by Dope KNife


all rights reserved



Dope KNife Savannah, Georgia

Rapper / Producer

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